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When we created Battlefield Laser Tag, it was with one goal in mind, to become the premier Laser Tag experience in Hollister, ca, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, San Jose, Salinas. Battlefield Laser Tag is a veteran owned and operated company, that delivers a lifelike battle experience unlike anything people have played before.

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About Tactical Laser Tag

We provide a wide array of different game types within our complex. Once a week we change our battlefield layout to make sure that both veteran players and new players can always gain access to something new, while ensuring a level playing field.

Battlefield creates a tactical laser tag experience that is family-friendly and for people of all ages to enjoy. We wanted an environment that could satisfy players that were interested in a more serious experience, as well as kids that just wanted to have fun and play laser tag.

At Battlefield Laser Tag, everyone feels welcome and everyone feels safe. We provide a game experience where players can follow a set of rules, work towards common objectives and above all have Fun!

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Fun For All!

We can host a wide range of groups as well as walk-in games daily. You can come and visit us at any time, as we offer promotions for multi-game passes, booking for private parties and corporate events.

Our game organizers and staff are on hand each step of the way monitoring gameplay, maintaining equipment and serving your needs. We want to make sure you have a great experience whether you’re calling in.

If you would like to learn more about Battlefield Laser Tag,  feel free to contact us today. We can arrange bookings through our website, through e-mail or over the phone!

Battlefield Laser Tag

Party Packages

“Birthday Parties, Special Events, Fairs, Concerts, Festivals, Corporate Events”

50% down payment will be required during booking



3 Games


6 Games


San Diego Laser Tag


$40 /Per Player

2 Hour Party

10-13 Players

6 Games Of Laser Tag

Reserved Shades Party Area

All Guests – Battle Rifle Pro Gun

San Diego Laser Tag


$36 /Per Person

2 Hour Party

14 Player Minimum

9 Games Of Laser Tag

Reserved Shaded Party Area

All Guests – Battle Rifle Pro Gun

San Diego Laser Tag


$2000 /Starting Parice

3 Hour Party

Additional Hours at $500/ Hour

14 – 30 Players

We Bring The Music

All Guests Battle Rifle Pro Gun

Battlefield Armory

Our state of the art weapons system is quickly raising the bar in the laser tag industry. This futuristic military style weapon has the ability to function as 8 different weapon types such as the Battle Rifle, SMG, Burst Rifle, Heavy Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Snipper Rifle, Battle Cannon and Assault Laser. With over 40+ game modes and 2,000+ sound effects, the Battle Rifle Pro is able to seamlessly match game modes with battle sounds, creating the most realistic life like gameplay found anywhere. For the first time EVER, players can equip 2 different weapon types while in gameplay, making it extremely easy to switch between weapons on the fly. It’s easy to see why our Battle Rifle is the ultimate weapon for your tactical laser tag experience!

San Diego Laser Tag


The Battle Riffle features a state of the art LED light bar that will keep you appraised of what team you are playing for and acts as a real-time health status indicator.

Red Dot Sight?

When you take aim with our battle rifle pro, the red dot sight immediately puts you in a real-time warfare scenario. Being able to choose from 4 different reticles, gameplay will never be the same!


Have you ever wondered how many kills or deaths you have while playing a game of laser tag…….well wonder no more. With our 16 character LCD screen, you have quick access to battle information such as kills, deaths, different weapons or possibly a med pack for a teammate in need of help. This allows for a more immersive gameplay experience making even the highest level of pro gamers happy.


Whether you are firing downrange, or getting shot by the opposing team……you will feel it! Our built in vibration mechanism makes gameplay come alive unlike any other unit in the industry.


The Battle Rifle is equipped with an explosive audio speaker system that features over 2000 different sounds. This allows the gamer to feel fully connected throughout the battle. The speaker will alert the gamer of deaths or kills, making it easy to recognize your current status while playing.